The New Doctor

Much has been said about the BBC’s decision to cast Jodie Whittaker as the 13th person to play Dr Who. There have been three reactions on social media (and we all know that’s what matters, right?). Firstly are the group that are reserving judgement. They want to see how she will do before they decide whether the guys … More The New Doctor

Explore The Nature

  There’s a stillness in nature that you don’t find anywhere else. It is one of few places that remain vibrant and full of life even when you’re alone. There’s a delicacy and vulnerability to nature, but within that lies its strength and beauty. Indeed it is one of the things I love best about … More Explore The Nature

REVIEW: The Boy King

With music that could be straight from the soundtrack of Netflix’s next historical epic, The Boy King shines a light on one of the strangest periods in British history – the assent of a nine-year-old boy to a throne. Written by former BBC News editor Julien Cousins and directed by the theatre’s resident artistic team, Groundlings … More REVIEW: The Boy King